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Match Gems is a match 3 game, with the addition of some innovative features
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Andy Jurko

Match Gems is a game developed by Andy Jurko, and is classic match 3 game, but with the addition of some innovative features.
Match Gems is different; not only does it give the classic match 3 mechanics a new twist, but also its approach is original. With beautiful background images and soothing music, this game seems to have been designed to play relaxingly, without time constraints or pressures.

In an ordinary match 3, the grid shows the tiles that you have to remove by switching. In this case, the grid has only a few gems, and you have to shoot the rest of the gems to form a cluster of three, not letting the gem columns to pile up and reach the bottom of the screen. In addition, there are special multicolored gems that can be used to replace items of any color. Basically that's all about the game.

Although its graphics are not impressive, they are fine and effective enough to let you fully enjoy the gameplay. To sum up, Match Gems is a simple match 3 game that differences from the rest with its original and relaxed game play. Most importantly, it is absolutely free. Match Gems is a game that casual gamers will love.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Original match 3 gameplay
  • Free
  • Relaxing


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